On next July 27th we’ll have on our club a special guest.

George Avramescu will introduce the subject of WFH SWOT and illustrate with professional and personal examples.

Working from home has become one of the hottest topics in the context of Covid-19 and given the circumstances governments and businesses have drafted emergency plans to avoid keeping the Pause button pressed for too long.

But is it WFH sustainable in the long term in a world of tangible and reluctance to change?

PDU: Attendance at the event can counts as 1 PDU (0.5 Technical + 0.5 Strategic) towards your PMP certification as Informal Learning. Requesters should be logged in Zoom with the same email used to registration process and also used on PMI website.

About the Speaker

George is an international speaker, influencer, mentor, coach, financial educator and volunteer. He has built a 10-year successful accounting career in UK crossing paths with City of London heavyweights.

His cost savings obsession has propelled him among the youngest financial educators in London shining in the corporate world with his signature presentation named “Getting on the Property Ladder aka Saving for the Big Thing”.

Being a true believer of “Earn More, Give More” philosophy, George got involved in various charitable projects including working closely with Chance UK as a child mentor aiming to enhance children’s strengths and self-esteem, and supporting them in coping with their challenging behaviour.

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