27th of July 2020 has marked an important moment in the partnership between PMI Portugal Toastmasters and PMI Romania Chapter enhanced by the ‘WFH SWOT’ webinar showcased by George Avramescu.

The relationship has been facilitated in late June by Ivan Moreira, Vice-President of Public Relations for PMI Portugal Toastmasters as well as member of PMI Romania Chapter, who has acted as liaison between the two parties and who summoned a Romanian Chapter speaker to share a special “Learning Moment” as part of the PMI Portugal Toastmasters event planned for the end of July.

George is an international speaker, influencer, mentor, coach, financial educator, and volunteer. He has built a 11-year successful accounting career in UK crossing paths with City of London heavyweights.

His cost savings obsession has propelled him among the youngest financial educators in London shining in the corporate world with his signature presentation named “Getting on the Property Ladder aka Saving for the Big Thing”.

Being a true believer of “Earn More, Give More” philosophy, George got involved in various charitable projects including working closely with Chance UK as a child mentor aiming to enhance children’s strengths and self-esteem, and supporting them in coping with their challenging behavior.

George Avramescu says about the event:

‘What a privilege and excitement to be part of this incredible event organised by PMI Portugal Toastmasters and special thanks to Ivan Moreira and the team to doing a top-notch job! It has been great sharing this learning moment in a very difficult time for the mankind struggling with social distancing and attempting to adapt quickly in the unfair fight against an invisible enemy. I had a blast during the session and people’s energy and constant discussion during and after the webinar has showed how important the topic is for everything and everyone’.

George, with his usual skills, introduced the subject of WFH SWOT and illustrated it with professional and personal examples.

During the presentation, and with a sold-out house, George got a high level of engagement with the audience, polling attendees regarding the WFH hot topic which is so present these days triggered in particular by the pandemic.


The presentation has captured George’s so called ‘subjective SWOT view’ about WFH and at a glance summary on how the pandemic is currently affecting people, teams, businesses and companies and how it may impact these in the long term.

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The session was chaired by Patrícia Malta Dias, PMP, former Treasurer and the first Portuguese woman who has achieved the Toastmasters Pathways track of Dynamic Leadership, who, after the presentation also chaired the Toastmasters session.

The event was a milestone penciled within PMI Portugal Toastmasters’ history since it ticked the last session before the summer holidays, which also was the biggest session ever organised by the club reaching the maximum capacity of 100 people, with 30+ more unable to join via YouTube due to technical issues.

After the session, George and the last “survivors” have been discussing about the session’s topic in a very informal and friendly environment for more than one hour and a half.

If you missed out this great moment, you can watch on our Youtube channel:

Session 142

Many thanks to George, PMI Romania and all the audience for this great experience which we wish to nurture as a seed of a more strict and diverse collaboration between our Chapters.

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