Crónicas das sessões PMI Portugal Toastmasters

16 November 2020

I have…. the perception (or is again a dream?) these guys are talking better and better English… On the International Day of Tolerance, we must believe so even if there is in the room a very sensible Grammarian with a Latin touch and an ear full of precision.

Managing the events by the book, yesterday, we saw a Toastmaster driving the session as the rover Curiosity at mars ground: confident and focused. But I have my own curiosity: is it possible to explore space with humour from the beginning of the voyage? We understood how to get better at our daily tasks following SCRUM techniques (perhaps, I can improve sweeping by dividing the house in rectangles and circular sectors and sweep the easy forms in the end when I am getting tired…! Very USEFUL!)

The presentations continued and I became astonished: I avoided opening the door to my fanatic debt collectors and in the session someone told me to pay the debts….?! (Are they in touch? Are these sessions a safe place? Very UNNECESSARY!). Finally, we knew that there is life on mars. Nevertheless, on earth, there are few mobiles to make interplanetary calls unless a certain CEO gives us his password.

With a proficient Ah Counter, a Timekeeper that felt off twice from the stage and a General Evaluator in two acts, last evening, in PMI PT, there was a good Toastmaster performance. Clap your hands to Videoman, please!. See you next….tuesday! (no, you read well: Tuesday).

Revisão de conteúdo, Christiane Nunes Gomes.

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