Crónicas das sessões PMI Portugal Toastmasters

16th may 2022

Dear fellows Toastmasters, this week we had our 218th session.

As you may have guessed, following my humble words, this Monday, we did our session in English.

As usual our Sergeant-At-Arms Rui Domingos began at 20:00, proving to everyone that British punctuality does not occur only in Royal Highness Queen of England’s land.

Our Toastmaster of the day, Daniela Abreu, led the session with the mastery of a Queen and showed everyone how to prepare for this important function.

During the session, Daniela, used all the techniques of an experienced presenter. Excellent speech and paralinguistic language framed with the message she wanted to deliver, gave her the merit of being one of the best toastmasters I have ever seen.

Speaking of merit, this brings us to the word of the day brought to the stage by Patrícia Malta Dias when she explained her role as grammarian.

Roberto e Denys also explained their roles as Ah Counter and Timekeeper.

With all presentations completed, including a warm welcome to our guest Joana, Daniela shared the stage with Gerardo Lima to introduce João Louro’s prepared speech.

Storytelling, is João’s challenge for this speech… and what a story he came to tell us…

Unfortunately, we only had one prepared speech, but Eliana gave us five impromptu speeches in Table Topics that fully suppressed our missing speech.

The challenge was a dice speech game. All candidates must present a speech that includes random symbols on five dices. Snakes, umbrellas, vacuum cleaners, tennis balls, cards etc… etc… etc…

Difficult, isn’t it? Well, our five heroes (Daniela, Joana, Gerardo, João e Rui) told us stories ranging from desert without air to snakes under pants. The playing cards in Wimbledon was a hilarious moment that will surely not be forgotten…

Evaluation time came and Daniela gave us one of the best descriptions of the cookie technique. I believe from now on we can call it Oreo technique…

Gerardo Lima made a sweet evaluation on João’s prepared speech, with two slices of chocolate and lots of cream. Patricia, Roberto and Sebastião completed the desert with their 360 evaluations.

But time goes by and we need to finish the evaluations, our timekeeper is in action and gives us no chance of failing.

Sebastião gave us his assessment on Eliana’s performance as Table Topics Master and didn’t forget the impromptu speeches of our five heroes’.

“Gestures, gestures, we need to do gestures when we are here…” said Sebastião giving us his cookie with extra cream.

Roberto, Patricia and Denys made very accurate reports as Ah Counter, Grammarian and Timekeeper and I gave my best effort to evaluate the session.

Daniela shared once more the stage with Sebastião, our president, to congratulate Rodrigo Capoulas, for his performance in Division D contest and Rui Domingos finished the session.

With sessions like this one, I believe all members are looking forward to the next one on Monday. See you there.

Content revision, Patrícia Malta Dias

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