Crónicas das sessões PMI Portugal Toastmasters

July 11, 2022


Indeed, we all ended this Monday’s session rejuvenated and ready to start the summer season, as our great grammarian, Florian Pushmann, suggested!

The session started with our amazing Toastmaster, Roberto Freitas, who took us on a cruise ship to visit the amazing journey of what the essence of the club is. And to better explain that, our dear champion, Izidro Sousa, started an Icebreaker speech with the humor and expression that only he can make, and explained to us how he started this journey and how Toastmasters is a “word worth spreading.”

Roberto not only took us on a trip by sea, traveling between Mexico (with our dear Natalia), USA (with Florian and Joan), and arriving again at home (Lisbon, Portugal), but additionally, he provided us with a “food experience” which is how he compared it to our “club experience”

The main course, which require more dedication from the chef, are the prepared speeches. We were delighted by Joan Bowling. We were ready to “expect the unexpected” with her fun and educational speech, with useful tips and fun stories on how to deal with uncertainty.

The exotic plates of the night were served by our dear Ana Teresa, and for the first time in person!!! She delighted us with table topics by inviting the guests to speak about sports, books, movies, and food stories related to traveling.

The time was tight, and Eliana helped us to eat really fast and move on to the sweet dessert time!! Evaluation time!! Denys, Sebastiao, JOG, and Joao Louro gave us very detailed advice on how to choose the ingredients and cook (prepare) and how to decorate the speeches (by focusing on body language and encouraging all to continue the performance).

What a more rejuvenated session could we ask for?

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